About Us

Our company has been established since the beginning of 1987. We specialize in the manufacturing of ladies' suit, blazer, trousers, skirt, dress, blouse and coat. We have a total production area of 100,000 feet and with 200 workers in our own China factory. The production capacity is around 100,000 pieces of fashion garments per month. Our products have been exported to Europe, USA, Canada and Middle East. The total turnover of our company is around US$4,000,000 per year. Welcome to visit our website : http://www.alexsin.com.hk or contact us at Tel: (852) 3622 5384 / (0755) 2685 9449 Fax: (852) 3753 0544 / (0755) 2685 9448. We are pleased to provide details anything interested you.